Get your invoice reading platform quickly and automatically through e-Save.

Contract e-Save and start obtaining all the benefits that your company can provide both in terms of attracting customers, saving resources and increasing quality.


What Services do we offer in e-Save?

Concept tests of the e-Save tool, both in person and remotely.

Sale of License and access to the e-Save tool

  • Creation of a unique and personal instance of the e-Save application for each client.

  • Adaptation of the look & feel of e-Save based on the client's needs.

Customization and parameterization of e-Save:

  • Each client will be able to configure the parameters for calculating savings in a 100% autonomous and simple way.

  • Customization of the user contracting process, being able to link the savings review step found with the contracting page of the marketer.

Platform maintenance and security

  • Maximum security standards thanks to the use of the AWS cloud (Amazon Web Services), with a powerful infrastructure designed to protect user data.

  • 24x7 support service for the e-Save tool with direct contact telephone number for effective communication and resolution of incidents.